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Silver Linings Storybook

Silver Linings Storybook  features my personal narrative of “Finding Your Voice Among the Voices” where I share how "I've spent most of my life living other people's idea of who I should be, not my own.". How I found my voice and started listening to 'me'. How even though, 'you don't give up' & 'stay strong', through constant, continuous set back after set back, this causes stress, depression, and serious health issues. I share being told I was having a Heart Attack and the journey I took to understanding how & why this happened. Becoming a health coach has empowered me and now I help others find their voices, listen to their hearts, and love themselves.

Finding Your Voice Among the Voices” is one of 18 stories that tell of grief, perseverance, healing, and finding yourself in the midst of turmoil, and other challenging times and finding a Silver Lining.

Silver Linings Storybook is a new book series, showcasing and highlighting the best insights and life lessons directly from the people who lived through them. 

Women Innovators: Leaders, Makers and Givers (Volume 6) features women who make a daily difference. In this edition, Conversations with Tami Patzer, the following women innovators were interviewed and reveal their big messages and big missions: Pat Evans, Tracey Battle, Kathy Pendleton, Shirley Grosor, Sherinata Pollock, Karen Roumay, Cheranissa Roach and Victoria Lichtman.
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